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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help pick the Best MN Town?

You can vote for your favorite town! On September 12th, the home page of this website will turn into a polling place, and you will be able to cast your vote for the town finalist that you think most deserves to be named Minnesota Monthly‘s Best MN Town of 2018.

Each person will be allowed to vote up to 10 times per day between September 12th and 5 p.m. on October 12th. If you run out of votes, tell you friends and family to join in! Have two (or three, or four…) favorite towns in the top ten? Split your 10 votes between them!

The public vote will make up 25% of the score for each finalist, with 75% coming from a panel of Minnesotans. Learn more about the panelists here.

My town was nominated; How can I prepare to promote it in this contest?

We only allow 10 votes per day per email address. If someone else 

How do I submit my town for consideration?

Only an official town or city representative may submit an entry. An official representative is defined as a full-time staff member working in a leadership capacity of the town’s Chamber of Commerce, Convention & Visitors Bureau, Mayor’s office, or other elected official of the town. Each town may only submit one entry.

The town nomination period for 2018 runs from August 1st to August 31st at 5:00PM CST.

Nominations for the each year’s contest open in the summer. Keep an eye out for announcements in Minnesota Monthly!

What is the deadline?

A town or city may only be considered if they have submitted the online entry form by 5 p.m. CST on Friday, August 31, 2018. All required fields must be completed.

How will the winner be selected?

Minnesota Monthly’s editorial team, a panel of community representatives, and a popular vote will all play a role in the selection of the winner from nominated towns. For full details on the selection and scoring, please see this page.

What do we get if we win?

The winning town will receive many benefits including a multi-page editorial feature in Minnesota Monthly, a media campaign valued at over $50,000, and a party in its town. For the full prize package, please visit this page.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner and four finalists will be announced in person at Minnesota Monthly’s “Best of Minnesota Party” on December 5, 2018 in downtown Minneapolis. The top finalists will be notified on November 1, 2018.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Nemer Fieger has been selected as the Public Relations firm managing inquiries related to submissions for the Best MN Town search. Please email molly@nemerfieger.com with queries.

How do I get a password to submit my town?

If you are an official representative of your town and you don’t have access to a password, fill out the form below to request one.

I can't get to the nomination form; what can I do?

If you see a blank page when you click on Town Portal instead of seeing a password request, try using another browser or another computer. This website has been tested and should work on Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and most versions of Internet Explorer.

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